Ice Cube Relays


Wieland adds the Flare Move HC ice cube relays to it's portfolio.

Innovations 2016


Unique highlights and innovations for your applications. System solutions for automation and building system technology.



Smallest pluggable installation connector with highest type of protection.

Wieland Electric Adds RFID Switches to its Safety Sensor Portfolio


Connect up to 30 RFID safety switches in series while maintaining category 4 / PLe safety ratings. Integral reset and EDM functionality also eliminates the need for an external safety controller in simple applications. 

Wieland Electric Develops New Generation of Rugged Ring-Lug Terminals for High Current Transmission Applications


Wieland’s selos WRT Series high-current terminals deliver maintenance-free, vibration-proof connections for conductors up to 600kcmil and 510A, 1000V.