DIN Rail Terminal Blocks selos, fasis

Our DIN rail terminal block range is the right choice for any installation task, whether in control cabinets, in systems or in building installation, whether with screw cage or spring clamp.

We also offer an exciting range of complementary products such as fuse holders, breakers and DIN rail mounted outlets.

Screw Clamp Technology (selos)

The DIN rail terminal block with the classic screw clamp connection, selos is solid and functional, known worldwide and with millions in use. A variety of products provide solutions for applications of all kinds. Screw clamp technology combines the highest contact forces with low contact resistance.

2013 Selos/Fasis Catalog2012 Selos Catalog (for WK terminals)

SCCR Ratings

Spring Clamp Technology (fasis)

The DIN rail terminal blocks in spring clamp technology, fasis is easy to handle, saves time and reduces costs of installation and warehousing, and it combines vibration-proof and maintenance-free clamp connections with specified contact forces. A real alternative to the screw clamp.

This line also includes a pluggable terminal block called fasisCON.

Fasis CatalogSCCR Ratings

Configuration and Marking Systems

In addition to our terminal block products we offer software for configuring DIN rail terminal blocks (wieplan) with bidirectional interface to the CAE engineering tools eplan 5 and electric P8 from Eplan Software and Services, as well as useful tools for marking DIN rail terminal blocks (wieplot and wiemarc).

The wieplan and wiemarc software and manuals can be downloaded here.

Terminal markers are shown in the terminal block catalogs, while the wire making solutions can be found in our wire management page.

DIN Rail Accessories

CC, Midget and J Class Fuse Holders

Available in Single, Double and Triple Pole versions., our fuse holders offer a robust mounting foot for use with standard TS- 35 DIN Rail. They feature a “shock proof” lever-actuated design for fuse insertion and removal with, or without blown fuse indication and a short circuit capacity of up to 200kA (CC Class)

Fuse Holder Catalog

Circuit Breakers

DIN rail mount thermal-magnetic circuit breakers for branch or supplementary protection.

These molded case sircuit breakers (MCCB) come in two versions for compliance with UL489 / CSA 5 or UL1077/CSA 235.

Breaker Catalog

DIN Rail Outlets

DIN rail mounted outlets in simplex and duplex versions.

DIN Rail Outlets

Europa Terminal Strips

Simple, divisible, and economical. Europa strips offer a great solution for mounting electrical connections on a flat surface.

Europa Strips

WIEBOX Housing System

Robust housing for electronic circuits

Wieland Electric presents the new product series wiebox. The new electronics housings are designed for installation on a hat rail. Their distinctive feature is their high robustness as well as the well assorted set of accessories. Wieland Electronic currently offers the wiebox either as an all-in-one solution package or as a modular system compiled according to the customer’s specific needs.

Two versions of the wiebox series are available:

  • wiebox Standard with a depth of the housing of 114 mm
  • wiebox Compact with a depth of the housing of almost 91 mm.

The housings of both versions have a width of 22.5 mm and a height of 80 mm and are specified with the IP40 type of protection. The box is comprised of three housing parts and is made of halogen-free polycarbonate. Depending on the construction version, the built-in housing has room for 4 to 16 codeable blocks with protection type IP20 allowing for a cable cross section of up to 2.5 mm.

 The new wiebox is to serve as solution for control cabinet installations in industrial systems. In this case, the customers can simply integrate their electronic circuit into the wiebox housing.

The wiebox and the well-assorted set of accessories are available in gray, yellow and black.

WIEBOX Datasheet