Burner – boiler connection

The standardized Wieland connector ST18, proven a million times over, connects burner and boiler. The ST18 is used in different versions for both the first and second burner stages.

Burner control connection

Our GST18® establishes the connection to the burner control and is available in 3-, 4-, 5- or 6-pole variations. Mechanical coding facilitates clear separation of the widely varying applications. In addition, the color of the GST18® identifies the connections that belong together.

Control - actuator connection (supply)

As an industry standardized connector interface, RAST 5 is extremely widespread in heating technology. With its variety of molded-in coding, the system prevents mismating, offering both connection and operational reliability, as well as enormous advantages during final installation.

Control actuator connection (signal)

The Wieland printed circuit board connectors in 5.08mm pitch (series 8213 S and B) are well-known to our customers in the heating industry for their industry leading quality and longevity. Our connectors are frequently used to simplify the wiring of control inputs and outputs.