Products for machine building

Modern machines have to be flexible and adaptable to the frequently changing requirements of the end application. Intelligent, modular concepts are key to achieving this. A quick, easy and reliable assembly is essential, and therefore an important feature of our solutions: all the way from DIN rail terminals, to pluggable interconnect technology, and up to modular safety technology protecting man and machine. Wieland’s electrical interface solutions include a multitude of electronic components, and all are completely convincing in a costs and benefits analysis.

Value Add & Service

Comprehensive approvals and certifications are a fundamental requirement for Wieland products. They qualify, for example, selected safety relays to be used in especially rough applications and environments. Our customized consultation, customer-specific solutions, and in-depth training programs are all available to support you in achieving your goals.
Prepare risk assessments in a modular way: simple, fast and in line with legal requirements. The special DOCUFY Machine Safety software can considerably reduce the time and effort needed for preparing risk assessments. It also provides an interface for the free SISTEMA software tool from the IFA (Institute for Occupational Health and Safety).
Test DOCUFY free of charge.