Circular Connectors for Hazardous Locations


Heavy duty circular multipole connectors with exceptional IP and rugged enclosures.  Modular design that simplifies low-voltage wiring needs from the master controller to distribution boxes for Instrumentation, Control & Electrical (I,C,E). Suitable for use in Class 1 Division 2 environments, this connector offers Type 4X, 6P protection, 600V, and up to 20A (30A for 3 pole connectors).



Heavy Duty Multipole Connectors for Hazardous Locations

The modular design simplifies low-voltage wiring needs from the master controller to distribution boxes for power, instrumentation, and control. Available in 16A to 82A, 600V, with prefabricated components, 48-pole to 2-pole wiring which fits 20 AWG to 4 AWG, corrosion and UV resistant plating, screw-lock system, and IP67 / Type 6 protection. Certified to CSA Standards: Class I, Division 2, Groups ABCD; T4; -40˚C to +40˚C

Non-incendive barriers

Terminate, Control and Condition I,C,E wiring inside master controllers, JBs and field devices.  The NEW ASD non-incendive barrier handles analog and discrete signals automatically from one single device.

Non-Incendive Barriers

REVOS®COAX Heat Trace Connectors

Developed in response to an industry pain point, the REVOS®COAX is now the standard to connect MI cable heat tracing systems. Like all hazardous location products, the system is pluggable and modular, corrosion and UV resistant, tamper resistant, and has IP67 / Type 6 protection.

Power Supplies


Power supplies perform a central function in control cabinets. Their reliability has a great deal of impact on machine uptime and process productivity.
Our offering consists of single and three-phase devices for installation in control cabinets in the current range 1.25 to 40 A DC.

Coupling Relays / Solid State Relays

flare MOVE

Interface relays are used for electrical isolation and potential-free switching operation, and are even available in modular pluggable versions for frequent switching applications. With a width starting at 6.2 mm they pack a lot of functionality into a compact footprint. The solid-state semiconductor relays are suitable for wear-free switching at lower capacities.

DIN rail terminal blocks with screw clamp connection


Reliable connection, proven concept! selos is our DIN rail terminal block with screw connection, solid and functional, known worldwide, and in use millions of times over.
The selos series combines the classic screw connection with modern connection technology, with the focus on customer benefits and increased efficiency in wiring and the supply chain.

DIN rail terminal blocks with tension spring connection

fasis WKFN

The DIN rail terminal block with tension spring technology: fasis is easy to operate, saves time and costs during wiring and reduces inventory costs, and guarantees vibration-proof and maintenance-free connections with high contact forces.