Installation Connector

gesis® CON

The components of product family GST18®, certified according to IEC 61535, are suitable for the installation of lighting systems, switches, sunblinds and power receptacles. Mechanical coding facilitates clear separation of different applications within the same system. In addition, the connector color identifies the connections that belong together. Mis-mating is thereby virtually eliminated.

Installation Connector

gesis® MINI

This is a product family that has been designed specifically for confined spaces. It combines a minimum of size with a maximum of flexibility. Thus it is the perfect system for retail displays and tradeshow booth construction. Short installation times and simple modifications - these are the decisive factors. And as the connectivity interface for pre-wired consumer devices, lights, office and kitchen furnishings: gesis® MINI clearly demonstrates its strengths.

Planning software

gesis® PLAN

The planning and visualization software gesis® PLAN is a very user-friendly tool; with it, pluggable electrical installations can be conveniently designed and calculated. The software supports specialist planners as well as system integrators, architects and builders during building design, bidding, and construction.