DIN rail terminal blocks with screw clamp connection


Reliable connection, proven concept! selos is our DIN rail terminal block with screw connection, solid and functional, known worldwide, and in use millions of times over.
The selos series combines the classic screw connection with modern connection technology, with the focus on customer benefits and increased efficiency in wiring and the supply chain.

DIN rail terminal blocks with tension spring connection

fasis WKFN

The DIN rail terminal block with tension spring technology: fasis is easy to operate, saves time and costs during wiring and reduces inventory costs, and guarantees vibration-proof and maintenance-free connections with high contact forces.

DIN rail terminal blocks with push-in connection

fasis WTP
Do you want to terminate wires easily, directly and without tools?
fasis WTP are DIN rail terminal blocks with push-in connections. With an effective and comprehensive concept as well as compact design and high-performance contact technology, fasis WTP reduces installation time and inventory costs to a minimum.

Added value and service


To complement our products  we offer a comprehensive service portfolio. Marking solutions such as wieplot and wiemarc for DIN rail terminal blocks and other components in the control cabinet, the planning software wieplan for design of rail assemblies, and our value-add service for rail assemblies, all make working with Wieland DIN rail terminal blocks effortless, and achieve a true added value.