7060 SMD


The Wieland 7060 SMD (surface mounted device) series is a surface mounted PCB connector with push-in connection technology. It is a compact and powerful PCB terminal designed for LED applications. With a height of only 4.14 mm and a 2.5 mm pitch, the 7060 SMD is the most compact PCB terminal with a powerful current carrying capacity of up to 9 amps and a voltage rating of up to 150 volts.

Pluggable PCB terminals


Intelligent pluggable solutions for your printed circuit board.
With PCB connectors, the device is easier to handle during wiring and device exchange. The open choice of various connection technologies offers you solutions for the widest variety of applications. Custom marking and coding simplify the wiring and mating process.

Pluggable PCB terminals (pin strip headers)


Compact as a terminal, but pluggable.
Pluggable printed circuit board terminals are frequently used in building automation as well as HVAC technology. Compact in design, they also offer the advantages of pluggability. Also available in snap-in versions for mounting into device housings.

Fixed PCB terminals (solderable)


The economical solution with the same highly reliable connection and the highest quality.
The simple PCB terminal block is available in a wide variety and is characterized by high contact reliability. Wieland offers a wide spectrum in this area, too.

RAST 5 - technology


Color and mechanical coding - high grade variability.
The RAST 5 PCB connector system meets the specific requirements of the household appliance industries.  With the abundance of wire harnesses inside each appliance, protection against mis-mating connectors is the highest priority. 
The component materials fulfill all safety requirements, and also EN 60335-1.

WIEBOX Housing System

Robust housing for electronic circuits Wieland Electric presents the new product series wiebox. The new electronics housings are designed for installation on a hat rail. Their distinctive feature is their high robustness as well as the well assorted set of accessories. Wieland Electronic currently offers the wiebox either as an all-in-one solution package or as a modular system compiled according to the customer’s specific needs.

Two versions of the wiebox series are available:

  • wiebox Standard with a depth of the housing of 114 mm
  • wiebox Compact with a depth of the housing of almost 91 mm.

The housings of both versions have a width of 22.5 mm and a height of 80 mm and are specified with the IP40 type of protection. The box is comprised of three housing parts and is made of halogen-free polycarbonate. Depending on the construction version, the built- in housing has room for 4 to 16 codeable blocks with protection type IP20 allowing for a cable cross section of up to 2.5 mm.
The new wiebox is to serve as solution for control cabinet installations in industrial systems. In this case, the customers can simply integrate their electronic circuit into the wiebox housing. The wiebox and the well-assorted set of accessories are available in gray, yellow and black.