samosPLAN 6

The brand new samos® PLAN 6 is the license-free graphical programming software for the programmable safety controller samos® PRO COMPACT of Wieland Electric. The users can program their safety systems easier, more intuitive and faster. Thanks to automatic hardware configuration, almost everyone can start programming without knowing the right order types for safety modules. No PLC language know-how is necessary, since the programming is done graphically.

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Product catalog and ordering possibilities in one place, for all Wieland products. Product selection is facilitated by numerous interactive configurations. Of course you will also find all the technical data for all the products here, too. Discover the wide scope and variety of our products!

revos Configurator

Interactive tool for configuring heavy duty connectors of the product family revos. From an offering of 1,500 individual components, you can create a customized industrial connector with just a few mouse clicks. Once you have determined your desired configuration, you can also order it right away through the integrated shopping cart.


Software for configuring DIN rail terminal block assemblies. Design your ideal solution from the world of DIN rail terminals with wieplan!

gesis® PLAN

Tool for planning pluggable building installations with gesis®. Design your personal smart installation solution!

podis® PLAN

The power bus system podis® is very user-friendly to configure. The integrated load simulation brings you to the correct solution!